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Astra Business Corporation (Astra) is a business consulting, brokerage and inter-mediation organization with a primary focus on selling or transitioning of privately held businesses. 
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A Little About Us

We are a team of seasoned business professionals, business brokers, communications specialists, research professionals and business analysts and consultants with proven expertise that are fundamental to preparing businesses for sale.  Such as business valuation and pricing, marketing your business opportunities and finally business transitioning to new owners.  Our people have the background and knowledge to assist you in making the right decisions. Our global presence and outreach facilitates finding a best match between the parties to make the deal happen. Our pillar of success is the confidentiality and we take confidentiality earnestly in all our professional endeavors.

Astra’s Latin meaning – “To the Stars Through Adversity.”
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Interested in buying a business or expanding on your own business network? We've got a variety of opportunities we've identified throughout Canada and parts of the United States. Get in contact with us today to find out how to get started!
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"I am writing you to thank you for all of the hard work you did to sell our Bunsmaster Bakery. Not only did  “your system” prove successful as you indicated it would, but also within the time frame outlined in our original meeting. The integrity and honesty you displayed at all stages of the sale built a trust relationship that I was not sure was possible between the seller and a business broker.

It is with great enthusiasm that I will be recommending your services to all the contacts I know in the business world. I am very confidential that they will have the same positive experience as I have had. I believe that the wealth of information and experience you possess gives you the edge on many of your colleagues in the same business.

Thanks again Bob.


Brian Payer"
"This letter is to thank you for your assistance in the sale of our company. I appreciate the way you worked on our behalf.
You advised us the price set on the business was “fair market value” and we accepted the offer close to the asking price.
Your persistence, creativity and financing made it come together.

Yours truly,

Ron, Expert Mechanical"

"I would like to thank you for all you did for us on the sale of the Silver Chalice.
After having the business listed with a real estate agent for over a year at a lower price, I feel you earned your $100,000.00 commission
In review, the key to the sale was having an independent appraisal to show what the true market value was. And we appreciate how you were able to assist the buyer in financing the sale.
Thank you again for the professional manner in which you conducted yourself. I feel I was well represented.

Yours sincerely,

Gary W. See

Hope, B.C."
"Re: Sale of Ocean Pacific Trading
I would like to personally thank you for all your help in the sale of the above company.
As we wanted to sell the business within six months, we agreed to follow your system. I am pleased to say the offer was accepted within six months.
The response you had was very impressive and I think you for qualifying the potential buyers before you introduced them to me personally.
I felt you acted in a professional manner and that the confidentiality of the company was always intact.
Please accept my personal thanks again. If called upon, I would recommend your services. 
Please use this letter as a testimonial.


Craig Hogarth, President"
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"To whom it may concern,
I used the services of Astra and Bob Hughes, president to sell my travel agency.

Bob provided me with an outline of the selling process, which I referred to during the various stages of our negotiations.

Bob was the mediator through whom the initial contacts were made. When we had a perspective buyer, he usually set up a three way telephone conference call first to see if it was worth pursuing.

Bob would then set up a meeting between me and the interested buyer, at which time he let the parties get to know each other, but would jump in, if I was not sure how to answer a question.

After that, all questions and answers and further negotiations re price etc. Were done via him (Bob) usually by email. I found this process less confrontational and I was therefore better able not to get too emotional about it all.

It too almost a year before we finally found a suitable party and could agree on the price. Bob kept advertising and contacting the various prospects and did not give up. He also handled the paperwork up to the point the lawyers had to get involved.

Without the services of Bob Hughes, I might have sold the business, but not at this price. His fee was definitely worth it.

Uke Breuker, Euro World Travel"

"I would like to take a minute of my time to thank you personally and Astra for all their time and expertise in the transaction of selling my business these past few months. I honestly would have to say that without your personal involvement and your expert knowledge in these types of transactions... I would not have completed the sale of my business.

At times myself and the buyer were at a stalemate and frustrated with the process. Your mediation and words of advice for not just myself but for everyone involved from accountants to lawyers made a paramount difference in coming to a close on so many issues. Your direction to keep the important things at the frontlines of the negotiations kept things moving and costs down.

I could state many things that you did to complete the project but I would like to say from a personal point of view, that your patience and hard work to complete this deal means more to me than I can put into words.
I can now look forward to a new chapter of my life and joining my dear Jasmine in Europe to start our live together after so many years.

I would like to close by stating that for anyone interested in using your services, I would highly recommend Astra to do so. Should I ever require such services again in the future, Stefan and Astra would be my first and only choice.

Deepest regards and sincerely,

Sean Seguin - Owner - Hellcat Industrial Services Inc."
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Professional Business Brokers

Whether you're new to buying and selling of businesses or you've been through the process a few times, you can trust the professionals at Astra Business Corporation to work with your best interests in mind.
Business Brokers
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We're always on the look out for exemplary talent. If you're interested in the exciting world of business brokering we may have a position for you.


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