Terms of Engagement

Important Terms Of Business Buying & Selling

Whether you're buying or selling a business following the proper process is important. Below is an overview of our process.
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Phase 1 - Valuation

The initial step in the process of selling a business is to determine the “market value” of the business. Upon the completion of our engagement agreement, an estimate of value must be done to determine opinion of value and marketability. Time required will be approximately 1 week. If you are satisfied with the estimate of value then you will proceed to phase two. If the estimate of value does not satisfy your goals and you do not wish to put the business on the market, there will be no further obligation on your part to proceed beyond the initial stage.
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Phase 2 - Full Service - Valuation - Offering Package & Marketing

Should you choose this stage, you will enter into our engagement agreement. Together we will compile a full offering package, including a professionally prepared valuation including a company profile with the assets, history, financial information, projections, offering price. Then a marketing plan will be developed with your assistance. Competitors should be discussed as they are prime buyers. All documentation will be done in a confidential manner and must be approved by the seller before any information can be released.

All marketing fees advanced to Astra, will be deducted from the success fee on closing.
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Fees & Agreements

Success Fee
A success fee, plus tax, will be paid upon closing of the sale. Any extraordinary out of pocket expense such as increased advertising, extensive photocopying of packages, travelling if necessary, etc. will be advanced by the seller upon prior approval.

Exclusive Agreement
Astra will act as your exclusive agent for the sale of the business. 

Obligation Of Fees To The Sales Consultant 
It must be understood, any amount of funds paid as consideration by the buyers to the seller, be it seller financing, wages, consulting fees, profit sharing, assumed liabilities or any other type of consideration, either in an asset sale or share sale, the seller is contractually obligated to pay Astra’s finder’s fee on closing of the sale. 

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